Prepared meals


Prepared meals

Toronto is the land of food and what better way to surprise your family than by entertaining them with a meal prepared by a personal chef. I have 3years of experience in the food industry but have been cooking and entertaining friends and family for 15+ years. For me as a chef getting out of my formal routine and being able to use my creativity to prepare a meal for you in a private cooking setting is a way to share my passion in a more personal way. It’s an enriching experience both for the client and for the me. I prepare delicious, custom-tailored dishes according to your tastes to enjoy in the comfort of your home. Imagine tasting gourmet cuisine from Toronto prepared by an expert local chef in your kitchen. Amazing, isn’t it? Spend your time focusing on your guests and the fun stuff and leave the rest up to us, we have the solutions, from dairy-free to vegan.

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