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Firmly linked to his roots and looking towards the future, Patrick Laurence is, above all, passionate about cooking and his Trinidadian roots, nature, gastronomy, and life. Driven by challenges and a great sense of indignation,
Chef Patrick manages, with extreme delicacy and technique, to turn his creative energy into unforgettable experiences for those who have the opportunity to prove his experiments. His aim is to explore all the gastronomic possibilities of domestic ingredients, farm to table, combining classical basis
with techniques. However, with boldness and vision, Chef Patrick surpasses
the boundaries of cuisine and acts as a responsible citizen, valuing the small
producer, encouraging young professionals, and supporting the third sector.
Patrick was Born on the Island of Trinidad, the republic of Trinidad & Tobago
in the west indies the most southern country to south America. He grow up
in Port of Spain, spent week ends at the family beach house where he was
able to explore the land, rivers and ocean, at a early age he was always interested in cooking as he comes from a family that loved to cook, his father
Patrick was known to cook more in the French cuisine, his mother Allison
was more of the local Trinidadian cuisine.

Through Patricks passion for cooking, mixed cultures and extensive world
travel, he has been inspired by the cuisine from every continent including
North America, India, China, Philippines, Europe and Africa amongst a few.
Patrick hope to bring his technique and creative energies into unforgettable
experiences for all ….



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